Thursday, 29 March 2018

Weekend Races 30th March - 2nd April 2018

Races This Weekend - 36 races so far, see below! Where are you Running?


Here's the list of running races on by county this coming weekend. If there are any that I've missed, just chat a message below and I'll update.


  • Leitrim: Friday 30th - Noel McManus Memorial Run - 5K / 10K (and 40K cycle now if interested)
  • Roscommon: Friday 30th - Kilronan Mountain Challenge - 10K
  • Sligo: Friday 30th - Grange 5K
  • Roscommon: Saturday 31st - The Ros Run - 10K / Half Marathon / Marathon
  • Galway: Saturday 31st - Colemanstown 10 - 10K
  • Galway: Saturday 31st - Cleasathon, (Inis Oírr) - 7K / 13K / 10Mile
  • Galway: Saturday 31st - Cornamona 8K
  • Sligo: Monday 2nd - Carney Lissadell Road Race - 10K
  • Mayo: Monday 2nd - Ballyglass Fun Run - 5Mile / 8K


  • Dublin: Friday 30th - The Good Run, St Anne's Park - 5K
  • Carlow: Saturday 31st - The Fighting Cocks GFC Run - 5K / 10K
  • Wicklow: Saturday 31st - Bray Cliff Run - 10K
  • Longford: Saturday 31st - Granard Fun Run - 5K
  • Kilkenny: Sunday 1st - Easter Bunny Run - 5K / 10K / 10Mile
  • Kildare: Sunday 1st - Spartans Way - 100K
  • Meath: Fr Murphy AC Road Race - 10K
  • Wexford: Monday 2nd - Rosslare 10K
  • Longford: Monday 2nd - Longford AC Annual Run - 5K / 10K
  • Kildare: Monday 2nd - Jog For a Dog - 5K
  • Dublin: Monday 2nd - Raheny AC, Battle of Clontarf - 10Mile


  • Tipperary: Friday 30th - Loughmore School road race - 5K
  • Clare: Saturday 31st - Eamon Moloney 10K
  • Kerry: Saturday 31st - Kenmare Bridge Run - 5K / 10K
  • Kerry: Saturday 31st - Run Ballybunion - 10K / Half Marathon
  • Waterford: Saturday 31st - Tallow 5K
  • Waterford: Sunday 1st - Bunny Fun Run - 5K / 5Mile
  • Waterford: Monday 2nd - Aglish Run - 5K / 10K
  • Cork: Monday 2nd - Boherbue to Kiskeam road race - 4Mile


  • Antrim: Friday 30th - Belfast to Dublin
  • Antrim: Saturday 31st - Solas 5K
  • Cavan: Saturday 31st - Easter Bunny Hop - 5K / 10K
  • Tyrone: Saturday 31st - Beragh Road Race - 5K / 5Mile
  • Down: Sunday 1st - Ballygalget Community Road Race - 5K / 10K
  • Tyrone: Sunday 1st - Clogher Valley 5K
  • Donegal: Letterkenny AC - 3K / 5K 
  • Antrim: Monday 2nd - Whitehead Easter Monday Race

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Sport Ireland 2018 grants for Athletes

The number of elite athletes receiving the maximum funding from Sport Ireland has reduced. Just 12 of Ireland’s sporting elite have received the maximum ‘podium’ amount of funding for 2018, compared to 16 last year. Irish Athletics drop further down the list, while Paralympians now top the list.

€1.85 million was announced today under the Sport Ireland International Carding Scheme: a total of €1.9 million has been budgeted for the year with the rest to be allocated by the end of the year.

Thomas Barr, the only Athletics Ireland athlete to receive the maximum funding.

Funding by Governing Body:

Paralympics Ireland : €352,000.00
Cycling  Ireland : €250,000.00
Rowing Ireland : €212,000.00 
Athletics Ireland : €184,000.00
Irish Athletic Boxing Association : €172,000.00
Swim Ireland : €152,000.00 
Irish Sailing Association : €116,000.00
Canoeing Ireland : €64,000.00
Pentathlon Ireland : €64,000.00
Hockey Ireland : €45,000.00
Irish Clay Target Shooting Association : €32,000.00 
Gymnastics Ireland : €25,000.00
Irish Judo Association : €24,000.00 
Table Tennis (Para) : €20,000.00
Triathlon Ireland : €12,000.00
Irish Taekwondo Union : €12,000.00

Funding by Individual:

Athletics Ireland Thomas Barr Podium €40,000.00
Athletics Ireland Ciara Mageean World Class €20,000.00
Athletics Ireland Fionnula McCormack World Class €20,000.0
Athletics Ireland Brian Gregan World Class €16,000.00
Athletics Ireland Mark English World Class €16,000.00
Athletics Ireland Alex Wright International €12,000.00
Athletics Ireland Brendan Boyce International €12,000.00
Athletics Ireland Christine McMahon International €12,000.00
Athletics Ireland Michelle Finn International €12,000.00
Athletics Ireland Paul Pollock International €12,000.00
Athletics Ireland Sara Treacy International €12,000.00
Total Athletics Ireland €184,000.00

Badminton Ireland Chloe Magee World Class €20,000.00
Badminton Ireland Sam Magee World Class €20,000.00
Badminton Ireland Joshua Magee International €12,000.0
Badminton Ireland (Para) Niall McVeigh International €12,000.00
Total Badminton Ireland €64,000.00

Canoeing Ireland Liam Jegou International €12,000.00
Canoeing Ireland (Para) Patrick O’Leary World Class €20,000.00
Canoeing Ireland Jennifer Egan World Class €20,000.00
Canoeing Ireland Tom Brennan International €12,000.00
Total Canoeing Ireland €64,000.00

Cycling Ireland Felix English World Class €20,000.00
Cycling Ireland Lydia Boylan World Class €20,000.00
Cycling Ireland Lydia Gurley World Class €20,000.00
Cycling Ireland Marc Potts International €12,000.00
Cycling Ireland Mark Downey World Class €20,000.00
Cycling Ireland Robyn Stewart World Class €20,000.00
Cycling Ireland Shannon McCurley International €8,000.00
Cycling Ireland (Para) Colin Lynch World Class €20,000.00
Cycling Ireland (Para) Katie George Dunlevy & Eve McCrystal Podium €60,000.00
Cycling Ireland (Para) Peter Ryan & Sean Hahessy International €18,000.00
Cycling Ireland (Para) Ronan Grimes International €12,000.00
Cycling Ireland Men’s Under 23 Development Team Pool Funding €10,000.00
Cycling Ireland Women’s Pursuit Team Pool Funding €20,000.00
Total Cycling Ireland €250,000.00

Irish Athletic Boxing Association Joe Ward Podium €40,000.00
Irish Athletic Boxing Association Brendan Irvine World Class €20,000.0
Irish Athletic Boxing Association Kurt Walker World Class €20,000.00
Irish Athletic Boxing Association Kellie Harrington World Class €20,000.00
Irish Athletic Boxing Association Sean McComb International €12,000.00
Irish Athletic Boxing Association Michael Nevin International €12,000.00
Irish Athletic Boxing Association Christina Desmond International €12,000.00
Irish Athletic Boxing Association Grainne Walsh International €12,000.00
Irish Athletic Boxing Association Kieran Molloy International €12,000.00
Irish Athletic Boxing Association Michaela Walsh International €12,000.00
Total Irish Athletic Boxing Association €172,000.00

Irish Clay Target Shooting Association Ian O’Sullivan World Class €20,000.00
Irish Clay Target Shooting Association Aoife Gormally International €12,000.00
Total Irish Clay Target Shooting Association €32,000.00

Irish Sailing Association Annalise Murphy Podium €40,000.00
Irish Sailing Association Ryan Seaton World Class €20,000.00
Irish Sailing Association Finn Lynch International €12,000.00
Irish Sailing Association Aoife Hopkins International €12,000.00
Irish Sailing Association Seafra Guilfoyle World Class €20,000.00
Irish Sailing Association Aisling Keller International €12,000.00
Total Irish Sailing Association €116,000.00

Irish Judo Association Megan Fletcher International €12,000.00
Irish Judo Association Ben Fletcher International €12,000.00
Total Irish Judo Association €24,000.00

Paralympics Ireland (Athletics) Jason Smyth Podium €40,000.00
Paralympics Ireland (Athletics) Greta Streimikyte World Class €20,000.00
Paralympics Ireland (Athletics) Michael McKillop Podium €40,000.00
Paralympics Ireland (Athletics) Niamh McCarthy Podium €40,000.00
Paralympics Ireland (Athletics) Noelle Lennihan Podium €40,000.00
Paralympics Ireland (Athletics) Orla Barry Podium €40,000.00
Paralympics Ireland (Athletics) Paul Keogan International €12,000.00
Paralympics Ireland (Athletics) Patrick Monahan International €12,000.00
Paralympics Ireland (Athletics) Orla Comerford International €12,000.00
Paralympics Ireland (Swimming) Ellen Keane Podium €40,000.00
Paralympics Ireland (Swimming) Ailbhe Kelly International €12,000.00
Paralympics Ireland (Swimming) Barry McClements International €12,000.00
Paralympics Ireland (Swimming) Nicole Turner World Class €20,000.00
Paralympics Ireland (Swimming) James Scully International €12,000.00
Total Paralympics Ireland €352,000.00

Pentathlon Ireland Kate Coleman International €12,000.00
Pentathlon Ireland Sive Brassill International €12,000.00
Pentathlon Ireland Natalya Coyle World Class €20,000.00
Pentathlon Ireland Arthur Lanigan O’Keeffe World Class €20,000.00
Total Pentathlon Ireland €64,000.00

Rowing Ireland Paul O’Donovan Podium €40,000.00
Rowing Ireland Gary O’Donovan Podium €40,000.00
Rowing Ireland Denise Walsh World Class €20,000.00
Rowing Ireland Mark O’Donovan World Class €20,000.00
Rowing Ireland Sanita Puspure World Class €20,000.00
Rowing Ireland Shane O’Driscoll World Class €20,000.00
Rowing Ireland Aifric Keogh World Class €20,000.0
Rowing Ireland Aileen Crowley World Class €20,000.00
Rowing Ireland Monika Dukarska International €12,000.00
Rowing Ireland Men’s Under 23 Programme Pool Funding €40,000.00
Total Rowing Ireland €212,000.00

Swim Ireland Oliver Dingley World Class €20,000.00
Swim Ireland Mona McSharry World Class €20,000.00
Swim Ireland Shane Ryan World Class €20,000.00
Swim Ireland Conor Ferguson World Class €20,000.00
Swim Ireland Alex Murphy International €12,000.00
Swim Ireland Brendan Hyland International €12,000.00
Swim Ireland Jordan Sloan International €12,000.0
Swim Ireland Nicholas Quinn International €12,000.0
Swim Ireland Men’s Freestyle Relay International €12,000.00
Swim Ireland Men’s Medley Relay International €12,000.00
Total Swim Ireland €152,000.00

Table Tennis (Para) Colin Judge World Class €20,000.00
Total Table Tennis (Para) €20,000.00

Triathlon Ireland Russell White International €12,000.00
Total Triathlon Ireland €12,000.00

Irish Taekwondo Union Jack Woolley International €12,000.00
Total Irish Taekwondo Union €12,000.00

Gymnastics Ireland Rhys McClenaghan Pool Funding €25,000.00
Gymnastics Ireland Andrew Smith
Total Gymnastics Ireland €25,000.00

Hockey Ireland Team Funding Pool Funding €45,000.00
Total Hockey Ireland €45,000.00

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Weekend Races 23rd - 25th March 2018

Races This Weekend - 22 races so far, see below! Where are you Running?


Here's the list of running races on by county this coming weekend. If there are any that I've missed, just chat a message below and I'll update.


  • Mayo: Saturday 24th - Western Greenway - Half Marathon / Marathon / Ultra Marathon
  • Mayo: Saturday 24th - Westport Leisure Park Duathlon
  • Galway: Sunday 25th - Craughwell 10 - 10K / 10Mile
  • Sligo: Sunday 25th - Change your Mind Festival - 5K


  • Dublin: Saturday 24th - The Purple Run, Phoenix Park, (Down Syndrome Ireland) - 1K / 5K
  • Dublin: Saturday 24th - Run for Rita, Tymon Park - 5K
  • Wicklow: Sunday 25th - Gaol Break - 10K / Half Marathon
  • Kildare: Sunday 25th - Clane AC, Clongowes 5K
  • Kildare: Sunday 25th - Kilcullen annual fun run - 5K / 10K
  • Kildare: Sunday 25th - Run for Sophia - 5K
  • Kildare: Sunday 25th - Galco Naas Duathlon Series
  • Offaly: Sunday 25th - Ferbane AC, Hugo Smith Memorial - 5K
  • Westmeath: Sunday 25th - Run with Robbie - 5K
  • Meath: Sunday 25th - Dunboyne AC - 4Mile


  • Clare: Saturday 24th - Ennis 10K
  • Limerick: Sunday 25th - Monaleen Cancer Support Group Fun Run - 5K / 10K
  • Kerry: Sunday 25th - MMRA Trail Race in Glanageenty - 9.5K (Trail)
  • Cork: Sunday 25th - Mallow 10 Mile Road Race - 10 Mile


  • Tyrone: Saturday 24th - Washingbay Green Run - 5K / 10K / Half Marathon
  • Antrim: Saturday 24th - Larne Half Marathon
  • Down: Sunday 25th - East Down AC, Jimmy's 10 - 10K
  • Derry: Sunday 25th - Lavey Girls - 5K

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Dunboyne AC 4 Mile

Preview of the 49th EirGrid Dunboyne 4 Mile Road Race

The 49th EirGrid Dunboyne 4 Mile Road Race & Fun Run takes place on Sunday 25th March 2018 at 3pm. The race over the classic 4-mile distance is a landmark event on the Irish road racing calendar, attracting an entry of almost 1,000 runners in 2017.  The course offers great potential for athletes to target a fast time and also allows supporters to provide plenty of encouragement along the way with athletes crossing the village 3 times en-route.

The race attracts a top field, with last years event won by Mick Clohisey (Raheny AC) in a time of 18:46. In the women’s race Ciara Durkan (Skerries AC) stormed to victory in a time of 22:06.

Juvenile Races

The day’s programme includes boys’ and girls’ races in the following age groups: 
  • Age 9 and Under: 600m 2.00pm (start adjacent to 4 mile start)
  • Age 12 and Under: 800m 2.15pm (start adjacent to 4 mile start)
  • Age 15 and Under: 1 mile  2:30pm (start adjacent to secondary school)
Entry for these events is just €2, payable at the start line on the day. Every finisher will receive a souvenir medal. 


Cash prizes of €400 for the first man and woman home, and a €250 bonus for anyone who breaks the men’s (18.09) and women’s (20.00) course records, currently held by Glynn Thomas (Coventry Godiva Harriers) and Rosemary Ryan (Bilboa AC).
  • Men: First 6 Seniors; First 3 O/40, O/45, O/50, O/55, O/60; First 2 O/65, O/70; First 3 Juniors U19; First 4 Club Teams (4 to score)
  • Women: First 6 Seniors; First 3 O/40, O/45, O/50, 0/55, 0/60; First 2 O/65, O/70; First 3 Juniors U19; First 4 Club Teams (4 to score).
  • Colman Jarrett Cup: Awarded to the first Dunboyne AC athlete home

Features This Year include…

Flying Mile!

Like its name suggests, it’s a mile where you can put the foot down and see what you can do.  And what better mile to do this than in Mile 4.  Entrants must use Strava to take part and there is a Dunboyne 4-mile segment on Strava.  There will be prizes for both men and women.  Main prize winners will be excluded from the Flying Mile prizes.

Corporate Team Challenge

Get your team organised for the #dunboyne4mile corporate team challenge – four to a team and see if you’ll bring the Glory Trophy to the office or the staffroom!


Do you want to challenge yourself to a goal pace this year? Dunboyne AC 4 mile have made this easy for you by providing Race Pacers for 26, 30, 32, 35, 40 & 45 minutes targets.  Look out for coloured balloons at Start-line.

3 Race Package

This year the organisers are offering entry to the Dunboyne 4 Mile, Clonee 10K (29th June) & Carton Trail Race (27th July) for €40, a saving of €10 if you are interested in participating in all 3 events. The Clonee 10K & Carton Trail Race are mid-week evening races in the Summer.


Online entry is now open. Online entry is €20 per adult and entry on the day is €25 per adult. Entry includes a wonderful 52 week running diary and a great newly designed technical t-shirt, exclusive to Dunboyne 4 mile entrants.  Entry also includes chip timing and post-race refreshments. Any profits from the event will go to Dunboyne Athletic Club.

Link to Online Registration

Monday, 12 March 2018

Spartan Race Ireland

There was great excitement among the Obstacle Runner Community when it was announced that the legendary obstacle course race organisers, Spartan Race, was finally coming to Ireland. The Spartan Race is a global phenomenon in the Obstacle Running world, with races in over 30 countries. Many believe that it is the pinnacle challenge for obstacle runners, or if not that, just the most fun!

Race Options

Spartan Race Ireland will be located at Punchestown Racecourse in Naas. There is likely to be many of the usual challenges which are the hallmark of the Spartan Series of races. Expect plenty of mud, climbs, trails, fast flats, and most importantly......the unexpected!!!

There are two distance options for you to choose from, the Sprint or the Super.

The Sprint

If you are a beginner, you can't go wrong with the Sprint. It's the shortest distance, coming in at least in 5km. However there'll be lots of action, with at least 20+ exciting obstacles for you to complete on the way. Spartan estimate that it takes the average runner around 2 hours to complete the Sprint. If you estimate (which I do), that the average runner's 5km time is at least down below 40 minutes, you get a sense of the challenge involved.

The Super

If you want to push yourself a bit more, then maybe The Super is the distance for you. It will be just over 12km, but you could be facing anything up to 29 obstacles. So make sure you are prepared for this one, not just physically, but mentally!

What you get

Plenty of good things come included in the race price. There's the iconic medal, which people across the globe treasure (you can probably expect some Spartan Tourists coming to Ireland to get the Irish edition to add to their medal haul!). There's also the free Tech T-shirt, free photos, chip timing and Beer......yes Beer (I'M SOLD)!

Special Discount

All sound good, and you are interested? If so, then here's a special treat for fans of Running in Ireland.....a nice 20% discount. Sign up for the race using the link below, and use the code RUNNINGINIRELAND.

Registration Link